Cheese Topped Onion Soup

First Time making Onion Soup, The caramelizing was the challenge. I had my stove on the lowest setting for two hours and the onions still didn’t seem to caramelizing, I wonder if I wasn’t suppose to cover the pan, it didn’t tell me to cover so maybe that was my mistake. I uncovered the pan … Continue reading

Chocolate Truffle Tarts

Chocolate Truffle Tarts

Its Tuesday! The second recipe for the Baking with Julia group is Chocolate Truffle Tarts. I love their small size and would even opt to make them smaller. This is a dessert you want to share. I would not describe as them real sweet, but densely rich and chocolately. This recipe had several steps It can … Continue reading

Yesterday at the Mall

Yesterday I went into Williams Sonoma with purpose. I needed tart pans for my next Baking with Julia recipe. It felt good to go in and when asked if I needed help I did! I was very impressed with the sales girl she was very knowledgable. She gave me some great tips on the tarts … Continue reading

Book has Arrived

I’m impressed as it arrived earlier then expected. Its a nice quality hard cover, a clean layout with balanced white space and images.  As part of the Baking with Julia blog I have agreed to host a recipe in the coming Tuesdays. I look forward to perusing through to find one.  

Nerd Update

Originally posted on Tuesdays with Dorie:
So now we are up to 258 blogs with about 270 bakers.  We’re still missing folks from nine states (DE, KS, MI, MT, NE, NM, ND, WV, and WY).  Countries with bakers outside the US include Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Austria,…



I love the magazine Cook’s Illustrated.  I have seen this sold at the checkout but never indulged in the pricey cover. I am so glad I did finally splurge because it has been a pleasant surprise. The cover artwork is exquisitely selected and as an illustrator, it is nice to see artwork used on a … Continue reading

Real Food for Healthy Living

I look forward to sharing my culinary attempts on this site. Having just completed my first semester of teaching cooking in high school, I was a little sad to know it would be at least 9 months before I would be starting a new class as I am primarily a Graphic Design and Photography teacher … Continue reading