French Fridays with Dorie

Armoire is probably one of the first French words that I was introduced to as applicable French vocabulary while studying Interior Design. The sound of ahr , “A” followed by the mesh of mwah, “moire” rolled off my Bostonian tongue naturally. I’m no linguistic just maybe more curious probably because I grew up with bilingual Portuguese parents. I am not bilingual and speak only English by my parents design, who didn’t want us to experience any prejudices that could have come with accents. The visual structure of that first working word also resembles the usually large piece of furniture it describes. Many more words would follow along with the romantic stories of the French History and Culture that shaped 18th and 19th Century Western European art. I found similarities in the French with Portuguese words as well. The cabriole style, a curving shape that resembles a goat leg in furniture intrigued me. The connection of my surname Cabral was apparent in the spelling and I would later learn that a goat was part of the family crest emblem when I visited Belmonte, Portugal.

Cabral Family Crest

My other favorite french words, Avante Garde, Plein Air, and especially Art Nouveau!

Crepes, Truffles and this love of the French is growing along with my shared culinary experiments at French Fridays with Dorie. We are cooking following along with Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook Around My French Table. My first recipe with FFWD is Cheese Topped Onion Soup.


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