Pizza Rusitica and Wise Words from Wimpy

Behind again! A quote came to my mind “I’ll gladly pay you Friday for a Hamburger on Tuesday” Wimpy from Popeye, as I was baking and thinking about how I am not keeping up with the Tuesday deadline again. The exception would be that I would have to change it to “I’ll gladly bake Pizza on Friday, for my Tuesday post on Sunday”, Yikes!

Pizza Rustica

The family really loved this recipe and it was pretty easy too make, not too many steps. The dough was sweet and contrasted nicely with the dense and cheesy middle. I think I would consider reducing the sugar from a 1/3 cup to 1/4 for a little less sweet.

The crust for the pizza pie is made in a food processor. I am so happy my food processor is getting used more lately! It sat in a lower cabinet for so long. I keep it at the ready now in my appliance garage, next to the toaster. If appliances had feelings or faces, I think it would be so much happier and smiling button to blade!

Dough Kneaded

The dough behaved so well too. I was able to knead without problems. It had a grainy texture, this could also be because I use organic sugar that seems to be have larger granules then the other standard sugar.

Ricotta, yum!

Blending the rest of the ingredients was a breeze, I made sure I ordered my prosciutto from the deli already shaved.

Eggs and Romano

Blending Ingredients

While my crust was easy to make, putting the crust into the pie plate was a bit of a challenge. The dough was a little sticky against my granite cutting board. I used a little more flour to help. I learned a trick from my Kitchen Aid mixer cookbook about rolling crust between wax paper (I didn’t have any) but that would have helped ease it in and make a more even crust. I had the same issues of sticky crust with the top and creating strips. Being Friday night and having two hungry kids wanting to eat, I didn’t fuss for perfection. It may not look pretty but I’ll call it “the handmade organic” look. Anyway we sliced it, it was delicious!

Rolled Strips

Crust Top Placed

Crust Top Placed

Ready for Oven

Slice of Pizza Pie

Checkout other results from our TWD hosts, Emily of Capitol Region Dining and Raelynn of The Place They Call Home, where you can also get the recipe. You can also peruse the other bloggers at this link.


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