Irish Soda Bread, Johnny come lately…

I’m finally feeling more myself today and I have some catching up to do in the kitchen! March had some great weather around here but a lot of other things seemed to be a challenge, including a case of the flu. Here’s a note to myself, get the flu shot next season! It was so good to be in the kitchen today making Irish Soda Bread. I’m not in unison with the other bloggers but I feel like I am keeping my commitment to my other Tuesdays with Dorie cooks.

Irish Soda Bread

My husband loves this bread, and I think he’s not going to be disappointed when he comes home tonight. Another great thing about my time in the kitchen today was the daylight. Usually I’m baking at night or dusk and I have been photographing my recipes under the available fluorescent light and fill from the the flash on my iphone. The pictures always seemed to have a yellow cast on them. Today I used the natural light from my kitchen window to photograph. I am pleased with the cooler natural light effects. Its especially strong as we don’t have any leafs on the trees yet. I experimented with adding the flash to fill and that threw the yellow hue on everything again. So now I understand the temperature of the phones flash.

The recipe calls for four ingredients. You can find the recipe at our hosts site, Cathy of My Culinary Mission and Carla of Chocolate Moosey .

Just Four Ingredients

Greased Pie Plate

I realized I have four pie plates, two 9″ and two 9.5″. Two of these must belong to my mom from holiday leftovers sent home with us. I went with the 9″ and it seemed to be fine. The shopper in me still says lets go buy an 8″ pie plate that the recipe asks for. I greased with a little butter.

I’m usually looser with measuring by scooping right out the bag. I recently had a pizza dough failure so I am trying to be more exact to get it right. Some recipes I think you can be relatively in the right ratio but as I’m baking more with quick and yeast breads, it seems they are less forgiving. I also threw out the expired yeast.


Mixed with a Fork

I turned it out and found the dough extremely sticky. The sticky dough covering my hands reminded me of some of my students last semester. The feeling of slight panic as to what to do. Its these moments that make a better teacher. I made use of the flour overflow left behind and tried to work it. It was really not forming that well. I ended up plopping it into the pie plate and tried to scrape off the sticky leftovers from my hands.

scored criss cross

I didn’t want to add more flour or handle it too much for fear of a dry, tough bread. I was confident I measured the dry ingredients accurately. The only thing I think that may have caused this would be too much buttermilk.

My pretty red measuring cup has one line to 1 and 3/4 cups. I needed two cups of buttermilk. I had exactly two cups according to the line on the label of the quart, of the buttermilk. My guess is this was not an exact measurement because the label could have been slightly off and I didn’t actually measure two cups. Cutting into the dough to score the criss cross was not really happening either. You can sort of see it.

Irish Soda Bread cooled completely on rack

The results are very good. The bread held up well, not too tough or dry. Its not crumbly or cakey as the supermarket brand I usually buy.


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