Saint-Germaine-des-pres-onion biscuits

A perfect recipe for the end of the week. These were in the oven in 15 minutes and out in another. Having had a hectic week I found myself again scrambling in the morning before leaving for work to check the ingredients list, thankfully I had most everything on hand. I only had half of the unsalted butter called for so I would substitute with salted for the rest. The sauteed onions that are added have a powerful flavor so I figured the extra salt wouldn’t matter. Also I guess I could have eliminated some of the added salt to adjust.

My biscuits were a little on the flat side. I think it was from handling the butter and flour too much initially. Using a pastry cutter would have been better then my hands blending.

Cut Biscuits

After hand rolling the fluffy dough, I cut the biscuits with a small juice glass that was the perfect size. The scraps were bunched to form the last biscuit, a quick picture and in the oven. Just enough time to clean up some and they were done.

These are savory and rich. They went perfect with my baby spinach salad. Only other improvement would be to enjoying them in Saint Germaine des pres.

You can see how others did by checking out the links at FFWD .


9 thoughts on “Saint-Germaine-des-pres-onion biscuits

  1. Perfect combination, salad and biscuits. They turned out so delicious looking,
    and that last one you made from the scraps looks great. We enjoyed these also, but mine did not rise too much, but good all the same.

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