Banana Bread

Banana bread is a favorite in my family. Its one of the favorites I grew up with(despite the burnt offerings of my mothers misfiring oven). The following recipe is banana bread perfection. Its taken from my sister’s copy of the Fannie Farmer cookbook, by Marion Cunningham. Here is a link to the original Fannie Farmer cookbook titled The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, on line at I grew up knowing Fannie Farmer as a local chocolate maker with stores around New England. They sold quality assorted chocolates and candies. I think they went out in the late 80’s. The last time I was in Chicago, on my 5th wedding anniversary (1999), we came upon a shop that resembled Fanny Farmer; Fanny May. Upon research I realized that the Fannie Farmer Cookbook is different then the original Boston Cooking School-Cook Book. There are no banana breads but rather a banana cake. It’s full of some old fashioned recipes and vintage ingredients, if that’s a valid term? Worth checking the link out.

One of the differences in this recipe from others I have done is the milk is soured. The chemical change of  curdling enhances the recipe.

The recipe from my recipe box, is a list of ingredients with directions to mix everything and then bake at 350.

This go around I was more methodical. I have gained more insight since teaching cooking last semester. Instead of throwing the wet and the dry I actually beat the eggs first.

When the eggs were fluffy, I added the softened butter, then gradually added sugar.

Adding Sugar

I combined the dry ingredients and altered adding them in thirds, with the soured milk.

Mixing Ingredients

Last was to add the mashed over ripened banana and walnuts.

The recipe yielded enough for a few extras.

Ready for the oven

I never did get a picture of the finished product. The family enjoyed it !

Next recipe randomly selected is Aunt Lila’s Portuguese Sweet Bread


2 thoughts on “Banana Bread

  1. Karen,

    I am really enjoying your blog! One of these days I’m going to start trying some of your great recipes. Keep them coming please!!

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