Roasted Salmon and Lentils

This is a great recipe for observing lent. The steps are easy to follow and results are a simple but tasty meal. Only trouble was in finding the french green lentils or lentils du Puy.

Here is a picture of du Puy, France. Until I looked it up I thought it was referring to a color! I now realize it means a place that I would like to visit. Perhaps buy the lentils in person as long as I don’t have to hike up to the lone castle on the hill.

Basic Lentils

Lentils measured

The lentils with the fish are a nice combination. My daughter is not crazy about salmon and opted for the lentils standalone. She loved them. I did  dice up the carrot, onion and celery as suggested and returned them to the lentil mix, which turned out to be like a thick lentil soup.

I misread about the final presentation and sprinkled lentils on the fish instead of fresh parsley or chives, duh!  I tried to scrape them off before the picture. That is the residue you see!

Roasting the salmon at the high temperature at 475 F,  is also something I learned from making this. I usually bake at 375 F or grill it on foil. I choose to keep the skin on it helps to flavor and the removal from the pan is easier.  The fish seems to slide right off. I will be making this again for sure. You can see how everyone else did here at French Fridays with Dorie


6 thoughts on “Roasted Salmon and Lentils

  1. LOL!!! I have done things like that before! 🙂 Your fish looks like there is a bit of extra salt on it … I love that! Great job! It looks delicious!

  2. De Puy looks like a great place to visit. As much trouble as some Doristas had finding lentils de Puy a trip would be a good idea! Glad you enjoyed this. We did too!

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