Cheese Topped Onion Soup

First Time making Onion Soup, The caramelizing was the challenge. I had my stove on the lowest setting for two hours and the onions still didn’t seem to caramelizing, I wonder
if I wasn’t suppose to cover the pan, it didn’t tell me to cover so maybe that was my mistake.
I uncovered the pan and I cranked up the setting to 5 for 30 minutes and that seemed to help
and then up to 6 and stirring about half way. It was 10p.m. so I called it a night.

Soup Broth Done the Next Day

Grated Gruyere and French Bread

Ready for the Broiler

Hot from the oven and not overflowing. I love my Fiestaware but I think next time I will invest in a deeper, smaller bowl and go for the overflowing bubbly look. We all loved it. Alterations I made were I used yellow organic onions because Spanish were not available, however the carmelization made it sweet enough and I didn’t add the cognac because I didn’t have any, for next time with my new bowls!

Cheese Topped Onion Soup

Soups On!


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