Chocolate Truffle Tarts

Yum, they did ease out of mold without falling apart.

Its Tuesday! The second recipe for the Baking with Julia group is Chocolate Truffle Tarts. I love their small size and would even opt to make them smaller. This is a dessert you want to share.
I would not describe as them real sweet, but densely rich and chocolately.

This recipe had several steps

Dry Ingredients in Food Processor

It can be made by hand or with a food processor, I chose the latter. It was fun to break out another tool I haven’t used a whole lot. I’m finding that I am rearranging my kitchen as I am trying new recipes.

Butter Blended in and turned out to shape

This was real easy to work with once chilled.

First two, the roughest!

After chilling the dough I cut and rolled out to the crust dough to fit into the tart shell. It was rough at first I used too much flour. As I progressed it became easier.

Can you tell which is first??

Store bought biscotti

I couldn’t find the brand recommended.

Biscotti, White and Bittersweet Chocolate folded in.

I ended up adding two ounces Unsweetened Chocolate because the bittersweet bar was short two ounces. It seemed to work out.

Tarts filled, a little overfilled.

Recipe done!

Overall lots of small steps, total recipe time was about 2 hours or so. I did stop and take pictures . I have been using my I phone for pictures. Next recipe I’ll try another camera, though I am impressed by the image quality

The recipe can be found at the hosts’ for the week:

A Whisk and a Spoon, Spike Bakes, Good Eats and Sweet Treats and CookBookHabit.


13 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffle Tarts

  1. Your tarts and pictures look great! I have been using my phone also (camera is currently MIA, not sure what happened to it…). This was a really yummy dessert, very rich.

  2. Great recipe and very tempting! It looks delicious!!

    I think I’ll try it.

    Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

    Great presentation!!


  3. Glad you liked it. I made it by hand because my food processor is very little! I personally preferred the crust to the filling, but overall it was still yummy!

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