I love the magazine Cook’s Illustrated.  I have seen this sold at the checkout but never indulged in the pricey cover. I am so glad I did finally splurge because it has been a pleasant surprise. The cover artwork is exquisitely selected and as an illustrator, it is nice to see artwork used on a cover. The inside pages are also filled with a combination of photographs and line drawings. The back cover leaves the reader with more  culinary illustrations, to inspire the artist in the kitchen or of the palette.

I later picked up a copy of the October 2006 magazine at my library. After reading I decided to try the Classic Brownie recipe. My kids proclaim the results are the best brownies I have ever made, but I’m not completely satisfied.

I think the problem may lie in the organic sugar I used. The recipe calls for regular sugar. The organic sugar I used has a larger granular texture. I’m no expert but I think this was the difference. I wonder if I pulverize it more in a food processor or try a confectioners sugar if it would improve my results.They also came out a little flatter then I expected.


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